Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings can be designed to fit any design requirements.

Working with you to design the building that fits for your needs is the most important step in the process and surprisingly the easiest.

If architects are need the Metal Building Drawings are procured and the design is polished by the architect.

Once the building has been ordered, it will arrive in 12-14 weeks. In the interim we will have an engineer design the slab and footing. When the slab/footing enginer is complete the drawings and permit will be submitted to the the City/County.

When the permit is approved the excavation will be made and soon after, the slab will be in place ready for the building to be erected. 


On the day the building arrives onsite, the erector will offload the building after which a thorough inventory is made. Within a few weeks you will occupy and enjoy your new Metal Building.

Here are some design ideas:


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