• Clifford Williams

Save Time and Money on Pre-Planing

Thousands of dollars, invaluable time and frustration can be saved through pre-planning with the county/city building department.


Too many pre-engineered metal buildings are purchased without proper planning. Often customers are so eager to purchase and build that they buy the building too soon not understanding the requirements of the county or city.

I have heard through the industry of many people buying buildings upward of $50k and not being able to put it up, selling it on craigslist for half the purchase price!

The county and city requirements will determine how large or tall a building can be. These constraints also can greatly affect the price due to drainage, environmental, fire, and setback requirements, Each of these can double or triple the cost of the project if not thoroughly understood.

It is knowing how to navigate the laws and regulations to get the most for your dollar. Pre-planing by a pro will ensure you are not be surprised with costs that were unforeseen, destroying your budget. Seek a pro who works with the county and city everyday and can navigate the complex laws and regulations to save you money and hair pulling. It is a small price to pay!

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