General Contracting

General Contracting Services is to complete your project and more: Pre-Planning, Engineering, Preliminary Estimates, Budget Estimates, Time Line, Permits, and Sub-Contractors.


Pre-Planning is the most important step in the process. Here we determine requirements with Building Departments, Department of Ecology and other Stakeholders. This will help shape the project as information is gathered. These requirements will determine how to complete the project economically.

The Metal Building Package comes with Stamped Engineered Plans. Other engineering may be required for the Slab/Footing, Storm Water and other requirements per the City/County.

The Preliminary Estimate will be rough in the beginning but will give an idea of what can be expected. This will shape the scope of the project as it relates to the budget.

After the building design is completed and drawings are ordered, a bid for work will be possible. This is an important step because, most estimates in the Planning Phase of the Project are padded (higher than you should pay). Subcontractors and Sub-Contractors do this to protect themselves from under biding; they don't know exactly the work required. So they determine t is easier to go down in price than up so they bid high not to lose money. However, once the subcontractors have the Engineering Plans in hand they can give a bid number that is realistic and that we can hold them to. Now you have a clear picture of cost for your project.

A Time Line will be developed. Here a Ghant Chart will show when we order the Metal Building Package and its arrival, Permits Approval, and Work Duration and Completion Dates.

This all will all be rolled into a General Contracting Agreement that will include the total cost of the project. To get the project going, contact us and we will start the process together and make it easy and affordable.


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