Dream Wreckers

Dream Wrecker is an unaffectionate title given to City and County Planning Departments. 

This can be frustrating and scary. The Official answers questions in broad strokes and leaves you apprehensive. More confused than before, uncertainty grows and discouragement sets in. As everyone knows, If this step is not thorough money and time is lost with no benefit. 

Red Doggy Construction removes the confusion, uncertainty, and the eventual discouragement by apprehending a comprehensive list of requirements from the Planning Department. This removes uncertainty to provide a budget estimate. Because this happens before you purchase a Metal Building, unnecessary costs are eliminated, reducing risks and saving money.  

Consultation Options:

- Pre-Purchase Requirement gathering from the City/County

- Permit Acquisition

- Storm Water Requirements from the Department of Ecology

- Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL)

- Fire Requirements


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