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The first step is getting the City or County requirements. This can be the most frustrating and scary. The Officials answer questions with broad strokes and leave you apprehensive. More confused than before, uncertainty grows and discouragement sets in. If this step is not thorough, money is lost with no benefit. 

Red Doggy Construction removes the confusion, uncertainty, and the eventual discouragement by apprehending a comprehensive list of requirements from the Planning Department. This removes uncertainty to provide a budget estimate. Because this happens before you purchase a Metal Building, unnecessary costs are eliminated, reducing risk and saving money.  

Red Doggy will provide an affordable Metal Building meeting your requirements. You will determine the design needs and we will provide Preliminary Drawings and a exact bid for the Metal Building Package by Star Building Systems. A Cost Estimate will be provided which includes shipping.

Furthermore, a rough estimate of what you could expect to pay for the total project. This will help budget.

Finally, Red Doggy will provide General Contracting Services for construction of your Metal Building. This will include Engineering, Permits, Excavation, Slab and Footing, and Erection of the Metal Building Package.

In as little as 12-16 weeks you will be enjoying the benefits of your New Metal Building.

How is Red Doggy going to help?

It seems like each person who comes to Red Doggy is asking the same question, “How are you going to help me?”

As they follow this simple plan, they successfully erect their Metal Building at the best price with the least hassle in a few months.

This is how Red Doggy helps you finish your Metal Building Project with ease and at a great price:






Doggedly Faithful and Aggressive


Red Doggy Construction is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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